Social Justice Small Grants awarded 2022

We congratulate the following organisations working hard to combat poverty and address social injustice in their community. The following projects were awarded a Social Justice Small Grant:

Agape Outreach: Women in Crisis Accommodation Sessions (NSW)
Monthly workshops will offer women the opportunity to learn the legalities and affordability of share accommodation and meet other women in similar circumstances.  It is expected that 120 women will benefit from this project.

Stepping Out Program Inc: Safe Circle Relationships Workshop and Post Workshop Counselling (NSW)
Counselling sessions will be offered to women survivors of childhood trauma, to help them journey through trauma and develop healthy and meaningful relationships with family, friends and work colleagues.

Corpus Christi St Ives Social Justice Group: Tibetan Refugee Health Project (NSW)  The parish has a long association with Tibetan refugees in Sydney. This grant will help fund medical needs that are unaffordable for this group of refugees. At least 47 refugees are expected to be assisted.

Prison Network: Women in Recovery (VIC)
This project will fund social inclusion activities for women who are seeking to recover from addiction and past trauma. Around 40 women are expected to participate in the program.

Ulladulla & Districts Community Resources Centre: Literacy Project for adults (NSW)
An increasing number of people are requiring support to read letters and engage with websites such as Services NSW and MyGov. This project will provide training for volunteers to become literacy and numeracy tutors for adults in the Shoalhaven area. Up to 290 adults may be assisted.

Asylum Seekers Centre: Ready for school for children seeking asylum (NSW)
The Ready for School program supports equal access to early education by providing financial relief to families seeking asylum by covering preschool and childcare fees. The project will enable 30 children to attend childcare or preschool.

Mercy Works: Mercy Connect (NSW, project in WA)
Mercy Connect recruits, trains and supports volunteers with an educational background to assist refugee and asylum seeker students to overcome barriers to education. The program is offered across 22 educational facilities in Perth.

Prison Fellowship Australia: Extraordinary Lives (NSW)
‘Extraordinary Lives’ delivers services to children with an incarcerated parent. The project involves volunteer training, mentoring and program delivery costs.

Inspiring Brighter Futures Foundation: Onwards and Upwards Wellbeing and Mentoring Program (QLD) The program teaches valuable life skills including mental health resilience and self-confidence to young women in Brisbane. Participants will engage in workshops and be supported by a mentor. Twenty young women are expected to participate.

Little Dreamers: The Young Carer Tutoring Program (VIC)
The program provides young carers with extra support in their education with regular one-on-one sessions. The program targets 20 young carers aged 5-18 years with 20 volunteer tutors.

Community Housing Limited: Peace of Mind (NSW)
This grant will provide a number of security upgrades, as recommended by police, to ensure the safety and security of women and children living in a DV refuge in country NSW.

Settlement Neighbourhood Centre: Creating Opportunities and Connecting Community (NSW)
This program is a long-established community-based Children’s Holiday Program for families who experience socio-economic disadvantage in the inner Sydney area. This project is funded by the Cath Leary Social Justice Foundation.