Social Justice Small Grants awarded 2021

The following projects were funded through the Social Justice Small Grants program in 2021. The focus of the grants program was projects that help address mental health. Projects that addressed isolation, exclusion, stigma, discrimination and misperceptions around mental health were prioritised, as were projects that support carers of people living with a mental health condition and projects that assisted in the development of good mental health.

Police Veterans Support (Victoria) – Specialised outreach program to address trauma experienced by police veterans and their partners

Grey New (Queensland) – Community Connector program for disadvantaged women

Warrior Woman Foundation (NSW) – Young Warrior Woman program for young women exiting out of home care

Zoe Support Australia (Victoria) – Mental health support for young mothers

Zephyr Education Inc (Queensland) – Helping children impacted by DV to settle into their new school

HerSpace Ltd (Victoria) – Therapy program to assist women impacted by trauma

Asylum Seekers Centre (NSW) – Mental Health First Aid Training for volunteers and workers

Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group Inc (NSW) – Providing mental health stability for unemployed people seeking asylum

Mahboba’s Promise Inc (NSW) – A program to assist Afghan children aged 5 – 12 years, to improve mental health and stress management

Little Dreamers Australia (Victoria) – Young Carer mentoring program

Binaal Billa Family Violence Prevention (NSW) – Essentials pack for Aboriginal Women and children escaping DV

The Silent Witness Network (Victoria) – Family violence prevention project for a community in Melbourne

Grandparents for Grandchildren (Victoria) – Support for grandparent/kinship carers with a range of education, arts and sports related costs associated with the children and young people in their care

Westgate Baptist Community (Victoria) – ‘Growing for community’ supporting Karen and Burmese refugees in the community

The Freedom Hub (NSW) – Online mental health program for survivors of modern slavery

Women and Mentoring (Victoria) – Mental Health First Aid Training for staff and volunteers

Ishar Multicultural Women’s Health Service (WA) – A program supporting young women impacted by trauma