Adelaide Zero project: Towards Functional Zero

A Grant to End Homelessness was awarded to the Don Dunstan Foundation in Adelaide to run their first Connections Week in the inner city, as part of the Adelaide Zero project. The Adelaide Zero project aims to end street homelessness in the inner city. Connections Week was coordinated by the Don Dunstan Foundation in partnership with the Hutt Street Centre and involved over 20 project partners. Based on the Registry Week methodology, Connections Week provides a by-name list of people sleeping rough and their support needs. This data helps services link these people with housing and, if needed, the appropriate support to sustain that housing.

By continually updating this data, Adelaide is actively tracking the number of rough sleepers in the city and the numbers that have been placed into housing. Ultimately, Adelaide are looking to achieve Functional Zero street homelessness.*

There are now over 35 partners in the Adelaide Zero Project, whose goal is to end street homelessness in the inner city and ultimately end homelessness in South Australia. As of 19 March 2019, the total number of people housed through the Adelaide Zero Project is 117. That’s a great start!

Read more about the project here.

* Functional Zero street homelessness is achieved when the number of people who are sleeping rough at any time is no greater than the average housing capacity for that same period.