An update on Home in a Box recipients

Home in a Box provides high quality home wares to help people set up their home, after experiencing chronic homelessness.

This year we have delivered 30 Homes in Boxes to men, women and children who have moved into their own permanent home after experiencing homelessness.

We have followed up with some of the workers providing support to their clients to find out how they are coping a few months down the track:

  • A man who experienced a long period of chronic homelessness: He is now employed part time and loves cooking. He was so excited when the boxes came and has become extremely house proud.
  • A woman was homeless for more than six months: She is making great progress. The box was a great start for her, it provided a good base for gaining self-confidence and we have seen the difference in her since.
  • A man who was homeless for 12 months (sleeping rough): He is still housed in long-term accommodation, he is going well and no issues with his tenancy.
  • A woman who was homeless for two years: Shehas been offered full time work and is spending more time with her children who regularly visit her at home.
  • A woman in her early 50’s who was sleeping rough for more than 12 months: She is still housed and there are no issues with her tenancy.
  • A man who was sleeping rough for six years: He is happy to be in his own home. His health has significantly improved since being housed.
  • A woman in her 50s who was homeless for three years: Our client was really happy and she cried when she received her Home in a Box. It really meant a lot to her.

“Both clients said that if they didn’t receive a Home in a Box when they did, it would have taken them months to get together the items and they would never have been the same quality”.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the generous donors to our Home in a Box project. We greatly appreciate your support that enables us to continue offering these essential homewares to people who are finally living in their own safe and secure home, after a traumatic period of long term homelessness. Thank you!

Our sincere thanks to our sponsors of Home in a Box:


Kennards Self Storage

Maxwell & Williams

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