Home in a Box April update

Since the start of 2019, the Mercy Foundation has delivered ten Homes in Boxes to people who had experienced chronic homelessness and are now living in safe, secure, permanent housing. The recipients include:

  • A woman in her 50’s who was couch surfing and sleeping rough with her companion dog. She (and her pet) are now in a permanent home.
  • A man in his mid 50’s who was sleeping in his car and was homeless for 6 years.
  • A woman in her mid 50’s who was homeless for 7 years
  • A woman in her 60’s who was couch surfing for 6 years

All recipients will continue to be supported to ensure they are successful in their tenancy.

We are very grateful to the suppliers of the Home in a Box project and to our generous donors. Home in a Box makes an enormous difference to the recipients, who are able to make a warm and welcoming home with the home wares that Home in a Box provides. All recipients are living on a tight budget which makes fitting out a home very difficult. The gesture is greatly appreciated.