Transforming lives at Cana Farm

In 2018, the Mercy Foundation awarded a Social Justice Small grant to Cana Farm. Cana Farm’s Life Transformation Program offers disadvantaged men and women the opportunity to engage in counselling, vocational training, workplace readiness and education programs. Where possible Cana provides paid employment  as a precursor to transitioning to external employment.

The Program operates Monday to Thursday, approximately 48 weeks of the year. In the last 6 months,

  • 25 people have undertaken education and workplace readiness training
  • Courses have been run and completed in horticulture (specifically organic market gardening) beekeeping, bookkeeping, fork lift and motor vehicle driving
  • 16 course participants have paid employment
  • 16 course participants will continue their education when the next course starts, which is expected to be in the second quarter of 2019

All participants have permanent rental accommodation.

These are fantastic achievements by the participants and by the team at Cana Farm.