Home in a Box Update

June 2019

‘The look on his face when he walked into his new place was priceless. He is now receiving extensive support … and so far is doing very well, though a little anxious with all the new responsibilities of a home. He said that he has never had new towels or kitchen goods and was totally wrapt with everything. He is being taught how to prepare basic meals and the kitchen equipment has been fantastic. Thank you!’

Since January 2019 we have delivered Homes in Boxes to 11 women and 9 men  who have moved into their own safe, secure home after spending a long time homeless. Home in a Box helps to create a home by providing high quality home wares like sheets, towels and pillows, kitchenware and cookware, a toaster and a kettle. It even contains a dustpan and brush.

How it works:

Service workers who have helped their clients find permanent housing contact us for a Home in a Box. The worker delivers Home in a Box to their client once they are in housing, and helps them unpack. The worker continues to provide whatever support is needed to help the client settle into their new home and make a fresh start.

Recent recipients include:

  • An woman who was couch surfing and sleeping rough for 18 months
  • An older man with a long history of street homelessness
  • A woman in her late 60’s who was couch surfing for 5 years
  • A woman with complex needs who was homeless for 5 years
  • A woman in her 50’s who was homeless for 7 years
  • A man in his 30’s who had experienced homelessness and unstable housing for the last 20 years

Thank you to our generous donors

Home in a Box helps create a welcoming home, helping people to settle into their new home and start their lives again. Home in a Box is made possible by the generosity of our donors and supporters.

Thank you to our generous suppliers: